SK hynix developed the world’s highest specification HBM3E

SK Hynix announced the successful development of its ultra-high-performance DRAM product tailored for AI applications, dubbed HBM3E. The firm has initiated the provision of samples to clients for performance validation. This cutting-edge product can process an impressive 1.15TB of data per second, equating to handling 230 full high-definition (FHD) films, each 5GB in size, within a singular second.

High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) represents a class of premium, high-performance products, characterized by vertically stacking multiple DRAMs, thereby markedly augmenting data processing speeds vis-à-vis traditional DRAM. The lineage of HBM DRAM products has evolved in a sequence: HBM (first generation), HBM2 (second generation), HBM2E (third generation), HBM3 (fourth generation), and HBM3E (fifth generation). Notably, HBM3E serves as the extended version of HBM3.

Building upon its rich legacy in mass-producing HBM3, SK Hynix heralds the inception of the globally unparalleled, extended version, HBM3E. Leveraging its unmatched experience in the largest-scale HBM supply and production maturity, the company aims to commence mass production of HBM3E in the first half of the forthcoming year. With HBM3 at its core, SK Hynix aspires to pioneer AI technological advancements, striving to sustain its unrivaled position in the AI memory market. Concurrently, the increasing emphasis on supplying value-added HBM products is poised to expedite the resurgence of SK Hynix’s financial performance.

It’s understood that SK Hynix’s technical team has incorporated the state-of-the-art Advanced MR-MUF2 technology into the HBM3E product, enhancing its heat dissipation capabilities by 10% compared to its predecessor. Moreover, HBM3E boasts backward compatibility, ensuring that clients utilizing HBM3 can seamlessly adopt the new product without necessitating any alterations to their existing designs or structures.