sentry 8.22.0 release, cross-platform crash reporting and aggregation platform

Sentry 8.22.0 has been released, Sentry is a real-time event log and aggregation platform built on Django. It can help you to automatically record all the exceptions of the Python program and then render and search on a nice UI. Handling exception is a necessary part of each program, so Sentry can almost be said that all the necessary components of the project.

It captures data by using an SDK within your application’s runtime. These are platform specific, and allow Sentry to have a deep understanding of both how your application works. In case your environment is very specific, you can also roll your own SDK using our document SDK API.


  • BREAKING: Members will no longer be automatically granted membership to the default organization. You should use SSO or the invite flows.
  • Add support for SAML2 authentication through identity providers that implement the SAML2AuthProvider. See getsentry/sentry-auth-saml2.
  • BREAKING: Group share urls have all been invalidated and must be regenerated.
  • Added the ability for users to disable workflow notifications on a per-project basis.

    Schema Changes

  • Added ProjectSymCacheFile model.
  • Added index on TagValue(project_id, key, last_seen)
  • Add GroupShare model.

API Changes

  • Added API endpoint to list members awaiting access


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