IntelliJ IDEA 2017.2.4 released


IntelliJ IDEA 2017.2.4 was released. IntelliJ IDEA is considered to be the fastest IDE tool for today’s Java development. It integrates the development process of many practical functions, almost without the mouse can easily complete what you have to do, to maximize the speed of development. Simple and powerful. And some of the other complex and complex IDE tools are in sharp contrast.

The main updates are as follows:

No subsystem Bug IDEA-177719 Unable to build project
Bug IDEA-178347 UI is frozen for a long time in ModuleManagerImpl.loadModules
Performance IDEA-178385 Intellij very slow
Android Bug IDEA-177642 No Android GUI editor
Code Analysis. Inspection Bug IDEA-176629 More null annotation problems with arrays
ColdFusion Bug IDEA-175864 CFML: Problem with Spelling Error Detection in “name” Attributes
Database Bug IDEA-177673 SQL console button doesn’t work when toolbar is disabled
Bug IDEA-130881 Database: Compare: Space and click do not change operation
Usability IDEA-122862 UML functions are disabled on database during file indexing

See the release notes for full version updates.


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