Django REST framework 3.7.1 release, Web APIs for Django


Awesome web-browsable Web APIs.

Full documentation for the project is available at


REST framework is a collaboratively funded project. If you use REST framework commercially we strongly encourage you to invest in its continued development by signing up for a paid plan.

The initial aim is to provide a single full-time position on REST framework. Every single sign-up makes a significant impact towards making that possible.


Django REST framework is a powerful and flexible toolkit for building Web APIs.

Some reasons you might want to use REST framework:

There is a live example API for testing purposes, available here.

Django REST framework 3.7.1 was released.


  • Fix Interactive documentation always uses false for boolean fields in requests # 5492
  • Improve compatibility with Django 2.0 alpha. # 5500 # 5503
  • Improved handling of schema naming collisions # 5486
  • Added additional docs and tests around about a default value for dotted sourcefields # 5489


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