SEGA to Microsoft: We’re Not For Sale

Responding to recent testimonies submitted by Microsoft to the United States Federal Trade Commission, in which they revealed plans to acquire SEGA, Sega COO Quashes, emphasized that the company will not be sold.

Previously, Microsoft had considered the acquisition of SEGA, according to internal correspondence. They sought to bolster the appeal of Xbox Game Pass content by leveraging SEGA’s development and publishing assets of franchise works such as “Sonic the Hedgehog,” “Yakuza,” and “Persona.” Simultaneously, such a move could help garner greater developmental opportunities within the Asian market.

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Quashes responded by strongly asserting that SEGA would not be sold, although he did not comment on whether Microsoft had made an acquisition proposal to SEGA. He merely mentioned that the two entities maintain a strong collaborative relationship.

In addition to SEGA, internal documents utilized for testimony also indicate that Square Enix was another potential acquisition target for Microsoft, although no further action was undertaken subsequently.