Apple and Nokia continue the communications technology-related patent agreement signed in 2017

Apple has recently extended its telecommunications technology patent agreement with Nokia, originally penned in 2017, encompassing the realm of 5G network technology applications.

Both entities opted for an early renewal of the contract, with around six months left of its tenure. Though they disclosed that the agreement covers the application of 5G network technology, the specifics of the agreement have been kept under wraps, with Apple set to commence payments for the renewed terms starting from January 2024.

Apple and Nokia were embroiled in a lawsuit at the end of 2016 when Apple contested that Nokia was charging exorbitant patent fees and subsequently refused to continue paying Nokia for patent usage. In response, Nokia initiated lawsuits against Apple in 11 regions, including Germany and the United States, alleging Apple had violated 32 patents, including those related to video encoding, chip design, antennas, and displays. The litigation was later broadened to encompass 40 countries worldwide, with Nokia calling for a court order to prohibit Apple from importing the infringing products into the U.S. market.

Ultimately, in 2017, the two parties reached a settlement and reestablished a patent usage agreement.

Additionally, between 2009 and 2010, prior to Nokia’s mobile phone business being acquired by Microsoft, Nokia launched a series of infringement lawsuits against Apple. These included allegations pertaining to global mobile communication systems, camera control subsystems, and touch input technology, accusing products such as the iPhone and iPad of infringement. Apple retorted by accusing Nokia of infringing on its 13 technology patents. However, the feud was finally resolved in 2011 when both parties signed a cross-licensing agreement.