Samsung will release cheaper foldable screen smartphone in 2024

At present, Samsung’s foldable screen smartphone lineup comprises only two models: the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and the Galaxy Z Flip 5. However, according to NOTEBOOKCHECK, Samsung is planning to expand its Galaxy Z series. Despite facing little competition in the global smartphone market in recent years, Samsung’s Galaxy Z series faced diminished competitiveness in 2023. This shift occurred as foldable phones from OnePlus and Motorola entered the global market.

Based on information from Trendforce, both Samsung and Huawei are planning to launch more competitively-priced foldable smartphones starting in 2024. However, no details regarding the new models have been provided by the site, nor is it confirmed whether Samsung’s new foldable models will be part of the Galaxy Z series. Additionally, renowned tech blogger @Tech_Reve has leaked information about Samsung’s upcoming foldable device, suggesting it will be a “mid-range foldable smartphone” priced between $400 and $500.

As of this report, the prices for the Galaxy Z Fold 5 start from $1,800, and the Galaxy Z Flip 5 from $1000. This analysis indicates that Samsung’s upcoming mid-range foldable phone is unlikely to be a new version of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 or Galaxy Z Flip 5, as that would undercut the pricing of the next Galaxy Z series flagship model. Therefore, the new model hinted at by Trendforce and @Tech_Reve is likely to be a foldable “FE” model, given Samsung’s current trend of introducing more affordable versions of its flagship devices, known as the “FE” series. It is anticipated that Samsung’s mid-range foldable phone will be released towards the end of summer 2024, with some media speculating that it may be named the “Galaxy Z Flip6 FE.”