Cooler Master is preparing an 1100W fanless power supply

At this year’s Computex 2023, Cooler Master showcased its X Silent series of power supplies, one of which features a fanless design with a 750W power rating. Cooler Master states that the X Silent series employs a uniform heat plate and an “integrated cooling structure” for heat dissipation, offering superior thermal management and thereby extending the lifespan of the components.

According to Cowcotland, Cooler Master is preparing an even more powerful fanless power supply with an impressive 1100W rating, capable of satisfying the power demands of high-end PC platforms, far surpassing similar products currently available on the market. This new supply is also part of the X Silent series, with its primary focus on silent operation.

Addressing the cooling challenges of an 1100W power supply under passive conditions is no simple task. Cooler Master has added an extensive aluminum cooling module to the back of the power supply’s casing, incorporating a square copper base plate and multiple heat pipes. Additionally, Cooler Master is preparing new semi-passive cooling design products for the X Silent series, featuring low-speed, low-noise fans, with a power rating of 1300W. The company is also exploring improvements to the 12VHPWR power connector, a topic of considerable interest in the industry recently, with many power supply manufacturers contemplating similar enhancements.

Cooler Master previously hinted at the development of higher-rated fanless models, although more time is needed for their completion. Pricing and release dates for these products have not been disclosed. Enthusiasts interested in such power supplies should keep an eye on Cooler Master’s upcoming announcements, as these units are expected to be priced at a premium.