Samsung unveils next-generation memory and storage technology

Samsung unveiled a series of next-generation memory and storage technologies at the 2022 Flash Memory Summit (FMS). In a keynote titled “Memory Innovations Navigating the Big Data Era,” Samsung spotlighted four areas of technological advancement driving the big data market — data movement, data storage, data processing and data management — and revealed its leading-edge memory solutions addressing each field.

First, Samsung announced that it will introduce next-generation petabyte-level storage, a new solution that will allow a single server unit to pack more than 1 petabyte of storage space. In the same footprint, the storage capacity can be greatly increased with the least number of servers, and the high server utilization rate also helps to reduce power consumption.

Second, Samsung introduced “Memory-Semantic SSD”, which combines the advantages of storage and DRAM, using Compute Express Link (CXL) interconnect technology and built-in DRAM cache, Memory-Semantic SSDs can improve random reads and latency by up to 20 times in AI and ML applications, and with targeted optimizations, are ideal for the growing number of smaller datasets that require fast processing.

Samsung then introduced its telemetry technology, which can collect readable metadata from key components within a customer’s SSD to detect and prevent any potential problems in advance. Samsung said that as SSDs become more widely adopted in data centers, more reliable and efficient management through advanced technical means becomes increasingly important.

Finally, Samsung announced that the industry’s first UFS 4.0 flash memory solution, launched in May this year, plans to enter mass production this month. As the world’s major supplier of mobile phone components, Samsung believes that UFS 4.0 flash memory will soon appear on the next-generation flagship phones of various brands, and will also be used in automotive, AR, and VR applications. Samsung also revealed that two enterprise-class SSDs have entered mass production, namely PM1743 and PM1653. The former is the industry’s first PCIe 5.0 SSD and the latter is the first 24G SAS SSD.

In addition, Samsung highlighted its SmartSSD and CXL DRAM product lines, designed to avoid bottlenecks in current memory and storage architectures.