Samsung may spend hundreds of billions of dollars in semiconductor mergers and acquisitions

Samsung has recently launched a series of plans in the semiconductor field. It hopes to catch up with TSMC in the field of wafer manufacturing through large-scale capacity expansion and speed up technology research and development and narrow the distance between the two parties. After investing $17 billion in the construction of a new fab in Texas, the United States, Samsung may use other means to expand at a faster rate.

Samsung increase chip price

Image: Samsung

According to BusinessKorea reports, Samsung will focus its investment in several emerging industries in the future, including telecommunications, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and semiconductors. Among them, in the semiconductor field, some manufacturers or departments involved in automotive chips may become targets for Samsung’s acquisition, including NXP Semiconductors (NXP) in the Netherlands and Texas Instruments Microcontroller Division in the United States, Japan’s Renaissance Electronics, Switzerland’s STMicroelectronics, and Germany’s Infineon Technologies.
These companies are key players in the semiconductor supply chain, and they are all customers of TSMC. It is said that Samsung’s acquisition of funds in the semiconductor field is about $34 billion, but there is other news that is up to $100 billion. Some insiders speculate that once Samsung’s acquisition is successful, it will transfer the order to its own foundry.
At present, both Samsung and TSMC are eager to bring the 3nm process to the market, and the competition between the two parties will intensify in the next two years. Samsung currently plans to mass-produce the 3nm GAA process in the first half of 2022 and mass-produce the second-generation 3nm process in 2023. TSMC’s N3 process node still uses the structure of FinFET transistors. It is expected to mass-produce the N3 process node in the second half of 2022 and plans to launch an enhanced 3nm process called N3E. The mass production time is the second half of 2023.