Samsung releases three new automotive chips next-generation vehicles

Samsung announced the launch of three new automotive chips, namely Exynos Auto T5123 for 5G connectivity, Exynos Auto V7 for in-car entertainment systems, and S2VPS01 for power management. Samsung said that the current feature-rich, smarter, and more interconnected car chips are becoming a feature of future road traffic. With related solutions, Samsung is integrating development experience and expertise in the mobile field into the automotive product line and is actively expanding its influence in this field.
Exynos Auto T5123 is Samsung’s first 5G connectivity solution for in-vehicle use. Through the 5G network, high-definition content can be downloaded during driving, allowing the driver to obtain important driving information in real-time, and passengers in the car can also watch high-definition streaming media or make video calls online during the journey. The CPU of this chip uses two Arm Cortex-A55 cores and a built-in global navigation satellite system (GNSS), supports PCIe interface connection, and uses low-power high-performance LPDDR4x memory. Exynos Auto T5123 meets the stringent requirements of auto parts and has passed the AEC-Q100 certification.

Exynos Auto V7 is specially designed for in-vehicle infotainment systems. It has powerful processing capabilities. The CPU uses 8 Arm Cortex-A76 cores, and the GPU is an 11-core Arm Mali G76. The GPU core will be divided into two parts, 3 cores are used for cluster display and AR-HUD, and the remaining 8 cores are used for central information display (CID) and other services. This physical GPU separation design is safer in multiple parallel operations. In addition, the chip is also equipped with an NPU for facial vision and audio data processing. Exynos Auto V7 supports up to four displays and twelve camera inputs, with 32GB of LPDDR4x memory and 68.3GB/s bandwidth. At present, Exynos Auto V7 has been mass-produced and used on ICAS 3.1, a high-performance in-vehicle application server developed by LG for the public.

S2VPS01 is a PMIC specially designed and developed for Exynos Auto V7/V9, which can adjust and correct the power supply of the main chip, thereby making the car infotainment system more reliable and stable. S2VPS01 is the first automotive solution that has obtained ISO 26262 functional safety process certification and has received ASIL-B certification.