Downloading and installing Google Chrome was dissuaded by Windows 11’s Edge

At present, the Microsoft Edge browser has accumulated many users. Generally speaking, users’ evaluation of the Microsoft browser is quite high and can replace Google Chrome.

But I don’t know why Microsoft is now adopting more and more radical ways to promote browsers, and even dissuade users from downloading Chrome.

Some users found that when they used Microsoft Edge to download and install Google Chrome recently, they would be intercepted by Microsoft and a prompt popped up saying that Microsoft browser provides the same experience.

As early as Windows 10, when users searched for Google Chrome from Bing, the top and right sides of Bing search both displayed Microsoft Edge browser promotion tips. Obviously, this is because Microsoft is preventing users from switching to Google Chrome. Of course, if you use other browsers to access Google search, Google will do the same.

However, Windows 11 installs the Microsoft browser by default. If you want to install other browsers, you can only access Google through the Microsoft browser and then download and install it.

Obviously, this approach of Microsoft has gone beyond the scope of conventional promotion. This radical promotion method may be able to retain users but it will also arouse user disgust.

Via: windowslatest