Windows 11 adds a new keyboard shortcut to quickly enable or disable the microphone

Under the influence of the epidemic, many companies still use remote offices, and the use of remote offices inevitably requires the use of various team collaboration software for video conversations.

So in the recently released Windows 11 development version, Microsoft added the system global keyboard shortcut Win + Alt + K to quickly enable or disable the microphone.

The bad news is that currently this shortcut key combination only supports Microsoft Teams. The good news is that users can also manually click the microphone icon on the taskbar.

Microsoft Team Windows 11

There are microphone permissions in the system settings of Windows 10/11, but all software can call the microphone by default.

If the user does not need to use the microphone, you can directly disable the microphone permission to block all software calls, so as to prevent malicious software from calling the microphone secretly to eavesdrop.

If the user needs to use audio and video conversation software, it can be set to only release the corresponding software, and a microphone icon will appear in the taskbar during use for quick operation.

For example, click the microphone to mute or unmute, etc. If the user uses Microsoft Teams, then you can also use the keyboard shortcut Win + Alt + K.

Microsoft said that other applications in the future can also be supported by this shortcut key, so it will be more convenient for us to use audio and video conversation software in the future.

Via: windowslatest