Russia prohibits encrypted email provider ProtonMail

Russian hackers

ProtonMail CEO Andy Yen recently confirmed that the company’s encrypted e-mail service has been banned by several Russian operators. According to the company’s Russian blog, the ban was issued by the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), accusing several e-mail services, including ProtonMail, to accuse the company and several other email providers of facilitating bomb threats.

Russian hackers

In late January, Russian police received multiple emails threatening anonymous bombings, forcing several schools and government buildings to evacuate. According to the news, FSB issued a ban on 26 Internet sites this time, and Internet service providers blocked users’ access “immediately” by deploying a technology called BGP blackholing. This technology is “a way that tells internet routers to simply throw away internet traffic rather than routing it to its destination.”


ProtonMail issues some method that helps to use ProtonMail in Russia. You can check here.

Via: TechCrunch