Wed. Aug 12th, 2020

RedMonk programming language rankings in June 2019: TypeScript is on the top ten for the first time

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RedMonk, a well-known software industry analysis company, released the June 20th programming language rankings. The RedMonk programming language leaderboard tracks the statistical usage and the number of discussions on GitHub and Stack Overflow, sorting them after statistical analysis, and aims to gain insight into potential language adoption trends. The list was released twice a year, this is the second list this year. The last time the list was released was in March, the first quarter programming language ranking.

At present, RedMonk’s basic idea of ​​sorting algorithms for programming languages ​​has not changed, but the specific process has changed. Now GitHub Archive is used as the data source to analyze GitHub data; while the Stack Overflow part directly uses the utility data explorer provided by it, the specific sorting algorithm can be found in the official introduction.

The top 20 programming languages ​​in RedMonk’s 2019 Q3 quarter:

Ranking June 2019 January 2019 June 2018
1 JavaScript  JavaScript JavaScript
2 Java Java Java
3 Python  Python Python
5 C++ C# C#
6 C# C ++ C++
8 Ruby Ruby Ruby
9 C C C, Objective-C
10 TypeScript Objective-C
11 Swift Swift Swift
12 Objective-C TypeScript Shell, Scala
13 Scala Scala
14 Shell Shell Go, R
15 R Go, R
16 Go TypeScript
17 PowerShell PowerShell PowerShell
18 Perl Perl Perl
19 Haskell Haskell Haskell
20 Kotlin Kotlin Lua

Look at the points that deserve attention:

TypeScript (+2): Three years ago at this time, TypeScript had just broken through to #26 after languishing in the thirties for years. This quarter, as mentioned above, the JavaScript superset capped off one of the more remarkable growth stories we have ever seen in these rankings, placing in the top ten for the first time after surging to #12 last quarter. In doing so, it passed both Objective-C and another fast riser on these rankings, Swift.

Go (-1): For the second run in a row, Go dropped one spot, this time out of a tie with R for 15th back to 16th on our list

Kotlin: Kotlin, for its part, held serve by not moving up or down from its 20th rank during last quarter’s run

Julia: Julia remains distant from mainstream usage and visibility, but continues an upward, if glacial, ascent, clocking in at #33 up from #34 in January’s numbers.

Rust: One quarter after holding at #23, Rust inched up two spots to #21 this quarter. Placing one spot behind a high growth language like Kotlin and ahead of popular JVM-based languages such as Clojure (#25) or Groovy (#24) is a remarkable accomplishment given Rust’s low level, safety-oriented nature