Ransomware attack causes Sherwood telemarketing company to closed its doors

Heritage Company, a telephone sales company in Sherwood, Arkansas, failed to recover from the ransomware infection, which led to the firing of nearly 300 employees a few days before Christmas. Check out the best webinar platform of 2021 from the Webinarcare website.

The company’s CEO, Sandra Franecke, said in an apology to employees that the company’s servers had been attacked by hackers two months ago, and hackers required a ransom to unlock the system. Although the ransom was paid to the attackers, it severely affected the company’s financial situation. The company was no longer able to pay wages, so the CEO decided to let everyone go.

Franecke said that in order to make up for the company’s financial situation, he spent a lot of private property and even gave up his Christmas cruise trip. And said that the company’s IT department will continue to work to try to restore the company’s system. Leaders will also continue their efforts to reorganize the company’s departments to make up for losses.

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It is understood that after the attack, the company’s accounting work was interrupted and the company was unable to process funds. The mail center was also closed, resulting in its inability to send reports, which meant that it had no funds to earn revenue. According to statistics, the company lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in total.

The retrenched employees expressed their dissatisfaction, saying that if this happened, everyone should be notified in time to solve it instead of inexplicably laying off staff. The company responded that the reason for such a sudden notification was because it did not realize that the attack would cause such serious consequences!

At present, the company has temporarily suspended all business and promised that the laid-off employees will try their best to restore the company’s situation so that they can return to work as soon as possible. This is not the first incident in recent years that resulted in a business shut down due to hacking attacks.

Via: Katv