Qualcomm separated the Qualcomm and Snapdragon brands

There have been reports that Qualcomm may change the naming method and change the development code to SM8450, which is the so-called Snapdragon 898 to Snapdragon 8 Gen1. At the Snapdragon Technology Summit held from November 30 to December 2, Qualcomm is likely to release a new generation of high-end SoC. Recently, Qualcomm officially issued an announcement, indicating that related rumors will soon become reality.
Snapdragon 888 Plus 5G

Qualcomm said that in the past ten years, the Snapdragon platform has grown into a huge technology ecosystem, and devices equipped with the Snapdragon platform provide the latest and most innovative technologies. There are now over 2 billion Snapdragon device users across the globe. At the same time, Qualcomm has expanded its first-class connectivity and device-side AI performance to new product categories, including wearable devices, tablets, XR devices, PCs, and automotive.

In order to develop Snapdragon into a leading cross-category technology brand, Qualcomm has decided to reform in many ways, including separating the Qualcomm and Snapdragon brands, and Snapdragon will become an independent product brand.

Qualcomm announced that the Snapdragon brand has entered a new era, which has always represented outstanding performance.