Qualcomm is developing a new processor SC8280

Apple M1 chip based on the ARM architecture has caused industry shocks, especially for Intel, Apple’s approach is undoubtedly to challenge the x86 architecture. Intel has replaced a new CEO hoping to regain its former glory, and Qualcomm has also been stimulated by Apple’s new chip.

Qualcomm previously stated that Apple‘s introduction of the M1 chip suitable for desktop platforms is imitating Qualcomm because Qualcomm is the first to bring the ARM architecture to the desktop platform.

However, Qualcomm’s ARM processor on the desktop platform has not caused much sensation, no matter it is the Snapdragon series or the 8cx series, only a few users are using it.

It is reported that Qualcomm is currently developing a new ARM processor code-named SC8280, which is also an ARM chip launched by Qualcomm for notebook computers.

According to information obtained by WinFuture, the SC8280 processor supports up to 32GB of LPPDR5 memory, while the previous Snapdragon 8cx processor only supports 16GB of memory.

The SC8280 processor also has different versions that support different hardware combinations. WinFuture said that the standard version of the chip will support 16GB of LPDDR4X memory.

The system under test is equipped with 32GB of LPPDR5 memory and a 14-inch screen. It is worth noting that the chip will also add an X55 5G modem.

This means that devices using the SC8280 processor will also be supported by 5G and 4G LTE networks, which allows users to directly and seamlessly connect to the network when they are out.

In terms of chip size, the SC8280 is 20*17 mm slightly thicker than the previous 20*15 mm, which may be that the processor has more cores to improve performance.