Qualcomm Brings Snapdragon Cockpit Platform to 2-Wheelers and new Vehicle and Partners with Gogoro

Qualcomm, having ventured into the smart vehicle market with the Snapdragon digital cockpit and subsequent collaborations with various car manufacturers, announced at the Munich International Motor Show in Germany its intent to expand its intelligent cockpit design to two-wheeled vehicles, unveiling the QWM2290 and QWS2290 designs.

In this latest revelation, Qualcomm broadened the Snapdragon digital cockpit design to encompass both electric and combustion-engine two-wheelers, tricycles, e-bikes, scooters, three and four-wheel all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), and shared two-wheeled transport. The design offers safety features, digital entertainment, cloud services, and bespoke customizations. Concurrently, it integrates seamlessly with vehicle connectivity and smart city solutions.

Additionally, Qualcomm declared collaborations with industry magnates including Bosch, Cavli Wireless, Drover, Luna, MeiG, Quectel of Shanghai, SIMCom, Thundercomm, Valeo, and VVDN Technologies. Gogoro also announced a partnership with Qualcomm, anticipating the union to bolster the PBGN alliance’s vehicular ecosystem and broaden the smart two-wheeler market applications.

Currently, with brands like BMW already crafting intelligent two-wheeler systems integrated with connectivity applications, Qualcomm’s introduction of the Snapdragon digital cockpit design to the two-wheeler market is poised to further amplify smart applications and vehicular internet momentum.

Both the QWM2290 and QWS2290 designs employ the next-generation Snapdragon digital cockpit intelligent cluster. This encompasses features such as low battery state alerts, nearby charging station recommendations, and vehicle maintenance reminders. Moreover, it includes personalized real-time navigation in line with the driver’s Points of Interest (POI). Advanced safety features comprise speed-overrun alerts, improper sidelock reminders, emergency services, theft prevention, and vehicle status monitoring.

By integrating the Snapdragon 4G and 5G network data chips, two-wheelers can utilize 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, V2X vehicle connectivity, and Bluetooth connection modes. This not only promises swifter connection response times for safety, personalization, and digital entertainment features but also ensures stable and dependable connectivity.

In alignment with Snapdragon’s cloud connectivity digital services, brand operators and service providers can proffer an enriched gamut of value-added services for two-wheelers or pioneer innovative business models. This also facilitates remote firmware updates, subscription services, remote vehicle diagnostics, theft prevention, location tracking, and even electronic geo-fencing and associated management services for shared two-wheelers.