Apple will create a more affordable MacBook for the education market

Reports suggest that Apple may unveil a more budget-friendly MacBook variant next year, positioning itself to rival the Google Chromebook in the educational sector.

Apple has already made strides in this direction through its ‘Back to School’ sales initiative, offering comparatively affordable purchasing options for students and educators on Mac and iPad devices. However, the current trajectory indicates Apple’s intention to craft a MacBook with a reduced-cost framework, aiming to appeal to a broader educational demographic.

15-inch MacBook Air 2023

Insiders believe this model could see a release as early as the second half of 2024. In comparison to the existing MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, it is rumored to employ less expensive metal materials and may also adopt a simplified design, thus driving down the retail price.

It remains speculative whether this adjustment will herald the return of the previously discontinued 12-inch MacBook variant, or if Apple might introduce an entirely new product line.

Beyond Apple’s strategic moves, other major players, including Google and Microsoft, are actively vying for a significant share in the educational marketplace. Microsoft, for instance, champions its ‘Go’ series as a flagship product for this sector, while Google continues its collaboration with various brands to craft Chromebooks that cater specifically to the student demographic.