Meta plans to work with LG to create a virtual vision headset that can compete with Apple Vision Pro

While Apple’s introduction of the Vision Pro didn’t seem to surpass Meta’s envisioned scope for virtual visual technology applications, according to its CEO Mark Zuckerberg, it’s evident that there’s a strategy in place to counter this product. Sources indicate that Meta is currently in collaboration with LG, aiming to craft a virtual visual headset that can stand toe-to-toe with the Vision Pro.

Beyond partnering with LG Display for the micro OLED display panels, Meta’s cooperative ventures extend to LG Electronics, LG Energy, and Innotek’s electronic components. This suggests that LG is contributing a plethora of technological resources for this particular head-mounted device.

Apple game controller

However, it’s still uncertain whether this headset will replace the existing Quest Pro or emerge as a uniquely positioned product.

In the pipeline, Meta intends to launch the Quest 3, a virtual visual headset with an enticingly accessible price point to allure a broader user demographic, with a starting recommended retail price of $499.99.