Pwn2Own Hacking Contest will contain ICS projects

The organizers of Pwn2Own recently disclosed that the next Pwn2Own competition will add the Industrial Control System (ICS) software and protocol for the first time. Pwn2Own is the most famous hacking contest in the world. Previously, browsers and operating systems were used as targets.

Image: ZDI

It is understood that the organizer will require participants to find vulnerabilities in the Control Server, OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) Server, DNP3 Gateway, Human Machine Interface (HMI) / Operator Workstation, Engineering Workstation Software (EWS). The organizer will determine the total amount of prizes and the number of matches based on the type and number of vulnerabilities discovered by the entrant. Participants can receive up to $250,000 in rewards.

The organizers said that given the growing number of ICS vulnerability submissions, such competitions will help related vendors fix the vulnerabilities in a timely manner.

Via: ZDNet