LG partners Qualcomm to create a WebOS Auto car infotainment platform

LG Electronics today announced that it will work with Qualcomm to develop a commercial-based in-vehicle infotainment platform based on WebOS. The system, called WebOS Auto, offers a variety of entertainment and security features for connected cars. On October 29th, the company announced the latest collaboration at a conference held at the LG Electronics Research and Development campus in downtown Seoul.

It is reported that Qualcomm will provide the WebOS Auto platform with network solutions and services based on the latest 5G Opteron chips, and LG integrates the upgraded WebOS 2.0 platform to provide a more simplified experience for drivers and passengers.

In a statement LG Electronics president and CTO Dr. I.P Park said;

“We very much value this collaboration with Qualcomm it expands the ecosystem of the WebOS platform with the latest solutions from Qualcomm such as 5G networks and multimedia, customers will be able to experience the same entertainment at home in connected cars.”

Via: Neowin