Opera adds artificial intelligence technology called “Aria” to the browser to enhance the browser experience

Opera recently incorporated ChatGPT and ChatSonic technology into its eponymous browser, launching a feature named ‘AI Prompts’. This feature empowers users to explore a wealth of content through auto-generative artificial intelligence. Shortly thereafter, it unveiled ‘Aria’, a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology designed to amplify the web browsing experience via the same auto-generative AI technique.

‘Aria’, designed on the foundation of OpenAI’s GPT technology and Opera’s ‘Composer’ infrastructure, facilitates users in effortlessly perusing diverse information, coding, or auto-generating content through the Opera browser. Remarkably, it can even respond to user queries about product information or participate in AI collaborative services.

The architecture of Opera’s ‘Composer’ enables ‘Aria’ to integrate multiple AI models, for example, using a plethora of Opera’s partner search engine services. This allows users to find answers to their questions with greater ease.

Previously, Opera incorporated the ‘AI Prompts’ feature in the sidebar, enabling users to interact through natural language communication. Opera’s future objective is to seamlessly amalgamate AI technology into the browser and allow users to manage a broader range of cross-browser tasks through AI.

At present, ‘Aria’ is anticipated to be available as a free service, operating in over 180 countries and regions including the European Union. From today, the testing versions of the Opera browser for desktop and Android platforms will offer the ‘Aria’ experience. Users merely need to establish an Opera account to use this service.