Elon Musk said Tesla is willing to open part of the original code of the vehicle operating system to other car manufacturers

In a discourse with Ford CEO Jim Farley, Tesla’s executive director, Elon Musk, expressed a willingness to share a portion of the original vehicle operating system code with other automobile manufacturers. This initiative, akin to Google opening up the Android operating system code, thereby fostering growth in the mobile phone industry, is anticipated to expedite progress in the automobile sector.

Recently, Tesla announced a collaboration with Ford, enabling Ford’s electric vehicles to utilize Tesla’s Supercharger network across the United States and Canada. Moreover, Ford concurred with integrating Tesla’s charging port design starting in 2025, allowing its next-generation electric vehicles to replenish their power directly from Tesla’s Supercharger network.

Elon Musk further contends that if Tesla opened up more of its original vehicle operating system code, it would compete directly with Google and Apple, both of which are actively laying out their strategies in the vehicle system market.

Previously, Google, in collaboration with automobile manufacturers like Volvo, has crafted an independent operating system known as Android Automotive for vehicles. Similarly, Apple disclosed last year its intentions to create a novel CarPlay operating system for vehicles, one that is fully integrated with the vehicle system, distinct from past versions that necessitated a phone connection for operation.