Google Search Labs is live, allowing users to experience testing more new search features

Earlier this year, during Google I/O 2023, the commencement of the Search Labs initiative was announced. Recently, it has been made accessible for general users to partake in testing, thereby experiencing the novel features of Google Search services, enriched with generative artificial intelligence technologies.

This invitation to participate in the testing phase primarily targets US-based users who have previously registered for the candidate list. Global users might have to exercise a modicum of patience for their turn.

Google Search Labs

As previously indicated by Google, the upgraded search service will incorporate features such as automatically generating corresponding content atop search results after inputting natural language text descriptions, whilst still displaying the originally arranged search results below.

Moreover, it facilitates coding through natural language descriptions, currently supporting popular programming languages such as Java, Go, Python, JavaScript, C++, Kotlin, Shell, Docker, and Git. The expectation is to incorporate more programming languages in the future.

As for the search results, artificial intelligence can automatically integrate content into Google Sheets, proceeding with subsequent data categorization and organization. This assists users in easily managing content when searching for various data types via Google Search.

When users search for specific products, search results will automatically list prices from various online stores and pertinent product details. Even more search content will be automatically generated in text and image form to facilitate users’ understanding.

Google posits that the incorporation of more generative artificial intelligence into search services primarily aims to aid users in finding answers more efficiently, extract necessary information from a plethora of search results more swiftly, accelerate information matching speed, and ultimately foster a plethora of business opportunities and transactions.