NVIDIA PG137 (TITAN ADA) GPU features 48GB of GDDR6 memory

It is said that Nvidia is currently shipping PG137 engineering boards to development centers around the world. Now it looks like a company that monitors and processes shipments from India has discovered graphics card engineering boards that show a graphics card manufacturer is shipping test engineering boards for at least two graphics cards to a local development center.
According to the analysis of VideoCardz, PG137 is a TITAN RTX graphics card engineering board. This engineering version was first revealed by Kopite7kimi who said that this graphics card supports up to 48GB of video memory. In addition to the information shown in the shipping list this time, it is basically confirmed that the 48GB video memory is real, and on the list, it also shows that this TITAN RTX graphics card uses GDDR6 video memory instead of the GDDR6X video memory used by RTX 4090 and others. However, according to VideoCardz, the GDDR6 memory used on this 48GB TITAN graphics card will be faster.

NVIDIA PG137 SKU0/330 with 48GB memory, Source: Volza

Not long ago, information about this TITAN Ada graphics card has been flowing out, including the physical picture of this graphics card and the thickness of the graphics card that needs to occupy four slots, and the power consumption may be as high as 800W.