Nvidia/Intel/AMD is updating Windows 10 drivers to ensure stability

Nvidia, Intel, and AMD are currently updating Windows 10 drivers. This driver update is a major driver update. These drivers can make the Windows 10 system and applications and games play the best performance, so it is very important to update the drivers in time.

Windows 10 users can either check and download the driver through the system update module, or obtain a new version of the driver through the manufacturer’s proprietary update program.

However, it is recommended that users obtain driver updates through the manufacturer’s proprietary update program. Such proprietary programs are usually more reliable to install the driver update.

This time the main driver is mainly applicable to Windows 10 Version 1709 and above. Most operating systems lower than this version have ceased to support.

According to the instructions, this round of major driver updates comes with a variety of important fixes and improvements, such as solving network connection problems and system crashes.

Image 6: Update device drivers

Especially users who use Intel wireless adapters and Bluetooth adapters should update, the previous version of the driver may cause the system to crash.

Intel mainly releases drivers for wireless adapters and Bluetooth adapter hardware, which are used for system crash-related issues caused by previous versions.

The driver that caused the system crash is currently still in the Windows 10 optional update. If users install this version of the driver, they may encounter problems.

Including the abnormal connection or disconnection of the wireless network connection, Intel also confirmed that some devices will indeed cause the system blue screen of death after the driver is installed.

The Bluetooth driver mainly solves the disconnection problem of multiple devices such as mouse, earphone, stylus, etc. This problem will seriously affect the user experience.

To get the update, please click here to use Intel’s dedicated driver support assistant to perform automatic checks and updates.

Nvidia has also released a new version of the driver to support the latest RTX 3060Ti, and the corresponding driver version number is V457.51.

This version of the driver also solves the problem of the blue screen of death that may occur after waking up the device from sleep. Of course, some of these problems are also related to Windows 10.

In addition, the crash problem of playing videos on Google Chrome has also been fixed this time, and affected users can use the Nvidia Updater to get the update.

Finally, there is the AMD Radeon driver update. This driver update fixes the rendering and performance issues encountered by multiple games and solves some bugs.

For example, after Windows 10 HDR mode is enabled, some games will encounter rendering problems after they are turned on, which may cause abnormal games or low frame rates.

However, AMD did not successfully repair the abnormal problem when playing videos in the Netflix application. It is estimated that AMD will have to delay the repair after the Christmas holiday.

If you are using an AMD processor or graphics card, click here to download the Radeon update.