Windows 10X version will support ARM processors

The long-rumored version of Windows 10X will be released before the end of this month if there are no surprises. This version is known as the modular system and lightweight system for the low-end market.

Originally this version was positioned as a high-end foldable device, but Microsoft’s internal chaotic plans caused continuous problems, and eventually, Microsoft decided to focus on the education market.

The main competitors in the education market are Apple’s iPad and Google’s Chromebook, while Microsoft hopes to compete with Google for the laptop market.

So the latest news is that the Windows 10X version will support ARM processors, which means that OEM manufacturers can use ARM processors to make more portable notebooks.

It is worth noting that the Windows 10X version will not be pushed to any existing users. According to Microsoft’s plan, the X version and other versions of the Windows 10 system coexist.

Windows 10X Start menu

Only newly launched devices from OEM manufacturers can carry the Windows 10X version. Of course, users can also automatically reinstall the system manually if they wish.

Microsoft does not restrict users to different combinations of devices and operating systems, and the Windows 10X version is not tied to any specific architecture.

This version will support both x86 processors and ARM processors, but the functions provided by the Windows 10X version on different processors will be significantly different.

For example, on ARM processors, Win32 software can be run through the emulator, but 64-bit software is not supported because Microsoft has not released a new emulator.

Other software such as UWP software and PWA progressive network applications are supported, but these will not have much impact on the education market.

Via: windowslatest