Mon. Nov 11th, 2019

Nitrux 1.2.2 releases: Linux distribution

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Nitrux is also an attractive Linux distribution based on design. It is worth noting that Nitrux is based on the Ubuntu unstable dev branch and uses the Nomad desktop environment based on KDE Plasma 5 and Qt. Nitrux’s featured software includes the Babe Music Player and the Nomad Firewall Utility. The heart of Nitrux consists of a standard application format for portability and comes with custom software that uses rolling publish mode for 64-bit systems only.



  • KDE Plasma 5 – KDE’s latest iteration of Plasma brings many improvements and goodies.
  • Nomad Desktop – a custom set of plasmoids built on top of KDE Plasma 5.
  • Nomad Software Center – a software store to manage AppImages applications.
  • AppImages – Truly portable application format.

Nitrux 1.2.2 is available for immediate download.


What’s new

  • This new version is the third release of the Nitrux 1.2.x series.
  • We’ve updated Waterfox to version 2019.10
  • We’ve updated the kernel to version 5.3.7.
  • We ‘ve updated KDE Plasma to version 5.17.1, KDE Frameworks to version 5.63.0, KDE Applications to version 19.08.2, and Qt 5.13.1.
  • We’ve fixed the znx issue with various libraries not found.
  • znx will now show the recovery image in its boot menu.
  • We’ve added the mpv video player version 0.30.0 and removed VLC.
  • Touch gestures come enabled by default, and we moved notifications to the middle of the screen.
  • Updated NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, NVIDIA driver support binaries, NVIDIA kernel source, NVIDIA DKMS, NVIDIA OpenGL-based Inband Frame Readback runtime library, NVIDIA OpenGL/GLX/EGL/GLES GLVND libraries and Vulkan ICD, NVIDIA OpenGL-based Framebuffer Capture runtime library, NVENC Video Encoding runtime library, NVIDIA Video Decoding runtime libraries, NVIDIA libcompute, NVIDIA binary OpenGL/GLX configuration library to version 440.26
  • Windows will dim when inactive, and windows that need admin. Privileges will dim the desktop. ALT + Tab switching shows thumbnails, and the present windows effect is enabled by default by hovering to the bottom-right corner.
  • We’ve updated AppImage CLI Tool to version 0.1.6.
  • We’ve updated the Luv icon theme.
  • We’ve enabled AppImage thumbnails by default in Dolphin.
  • We’ve removed resolvconf and switched to openresolv to manage DNS.
  • We’ve added USB multiplexing daemon usbmuxd.

Known issues

  • ppImage icons may be missing from the application launcher on first boot, press Alt+F2, and type latte-dock --replace then press Enter.
  • Only American English appears as a language in the Regional Settings KCM. We are tracking this problem here: