Netflix Revamps Film Division to Focus on High-Quality Content

Bloomberg reports that Netflix is currently undertaking a comprehensive reorganization of its film division, which involves reducing the overall volume of film releases, thereby concentrating resources on the creation of more refined cinematic works, while simultaneously consolidating the departments responsible for medium and low-budget film production, consequently resulting in a modest reduction of personnel.

Such a situation arises primarily due to numerous brands reclaiming production rights from Netflix and increasingly shifting towards self-produced content, prompting Netflix to focus more on its own original content. However, during the recent developmental period, only a fraction of its original content has captivated audiences, thus compelling Netflix to reassess its content production strategy, centralizing budgets on the creation of more sophisticated film content to attract a wider viewership.

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Currently, Netflix is implementing a merger of content departments with production costs below $30 million and those ranging between $30 million and $80 million, accompanied by a small-scale personnel reduction. This includes Lisa Nishimura, Netflix’s Vice President of Original Documentaries and Comedy Films, who has previously worked on projects such as “13th,” “American Factory,” “Chef’s Table,” “Making a Murderer,” “Tiger King,” and “Wild Wild Country,” as well as Ian Bricke, Netflix’s Vice President in charge of original independent films.

Nevertheless, it remains uncertain whether Netflix’s department specializing in high-budget film content will also be affected by these changes.