Netflix’s Next Move: Transforming Phones into Gaming Controllers

Following its recent announcement of expanding its gaming business, adding platform-exclusive content, and launching a cloud-streaming gaming service, Netflix now seems to be planning to allow users to directly use their smartphones as controllers, thereby connecting with gaming content on televisions.

Bloomberg cites Steve Moser, an iOS platform developer and collaborator with MacRumors, who has discovered content within the Netflix app that indicates the company is working on developing gaming content for television devices, allowing smartphones to be used as controllers.

At present, it remains unclear whether Netflix plans to directly integrate gaming content into its television service or allow users to cast smartphone games onto their TVs while incorporating the ability to use smartphones as controllers.

Netflix partner Microsoft

Google has previously utilized its Google Cast feature, enabling users to cast mobile games onto TVs supporting Google Cast technology and use Android smartphones as controllers, interacting with virtual controls on the screen. However, it is uncertain whether Netflix intends to offer a similar experience.

Netflix has expressed a desire to strengthen the interconnected user experience between smartphones and televisions. By further allowing users to directly use their smartphones as TV controllers and access gaming content downloaded on their phones, it could potentially enhance user engagement and even promote a more enjoyable experience for multiple users on larger television screens.

Netflix, which has already launched 55 mobile games, anticipates adding another 40 games this year, including three exclusive titles in collaboration with Ubisoft, and even plans to roll out its own cloud streaming gaming service.