Netflix plans to open a more immersive physical store, Netflix House

Bloomberg reports that Netflix intends to establish two physical storefronts, to be christened ‘Netflix House’. The precise locations and launch dates for these two Netflix storefronts remain uncertain. However, it is anticipated that they will debut in the U.S. market by 2025, with plans to expand further internationally.

Netflix House

This is not Netflix’s maiden venture into the realm of physical stores. The company previously set up pop-up experience shops worldwide to promote original series like ‘Stranger Things’. The new decision to launch physical locations might be a strategy to intensify promotions for their specific services. There is also a likelihood of them retailing a broader range of merchandise tied to their original shows.

Beyond promoting their original content, ‘Netflix House’ will serve culinary delights featured in their original series, offering visitors a heightened immersive experience.

Brands are increasingly leveraging physical avenues to amplify their product and content promotions. For instance, Google, which traditionally championed online promotions, has in recent years opened brick-and-mortar stores in New York, allowing the public to experience the Pixel smartphone series and a host of other Google services firsthand.