Netflix Levels Up: ‘Wednesday’ and ‘Squid Game’ Set for Gaming Debut

Following the introduction of various games aimed at enhancing user engagement, Netflix appears poised to adapt a broader swath of its original content into mobile games, a strategic maneuver designed to allure an increased gaming audience and subsequently bolster the usage of its streaming services.

The Wall Street Journal asserts that series including “Squid Game” and “Wednesday” are on the anvil to be transmuted into mobile gaming experiences.

As of now, Netflix has already augmented its portfolio with over 70 games. In March, the streaming giant heralded its intent to amplify this roster further throughout the year, delineating plans to collaborate with Ubisoft on three exclusive game titles. Concurrently, Netflix has also initiated tests for its indigenous cloud streaming gaming service in regions such as Canada and the UK, with prospects of expanding to platforms like PC and television.

At present, Netflix doesn’t levy additional charges for access to its games; any subscribed member of the Netflix ecosystem can partake for free. However, the sustainability of this business paradigm remains nebulous for the foreseeable future.

Venturing into the gaming realm, Netflix perceives the current gaming demographic as vast and diversified. A significant fraction of this community, they believe, manifests an interest in streamed content. Hence, Netflix postulates that intertwining gaming with original programming could potentially enhance the likelihood of these gamers segueing into consistent viewership on their platform.