Need for Speed Unbound for PC supports DLSS 3 and FSR 2.2

The Need for Speed series is one of EA’s famous IPs. Since the first work was launched in 1994, it has had a large number of loyal players. The latest work in the series Need For Speed Unbound will be released on December 2 this year, landing on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC platforms.

Recently, Andrei Shires, the technical director of Criterion Games, responsible for the development of Need for Speed Unbound, accepted an interview with the media and talked about some technical details in the PC version of “Need for Speed Unbound.

Andrei Shires said that Need for Speed Unbound is a game that pays great attention to the smoothness of the picture, and believes that supporting Nvidia’s DLSS 3 technology is very positive and can benefit players. Many players worry that DLSS 3 may cause additional delay, which may be a fatal shortcoming for racing games with high-speed requirements. In this regard, Andrei Shires confirmed that the development team has conducted relevant tests, and the player experience will not be affected after DLSS 3 is turned on.

In addition to DLSS 3, Need for Speed Unbound also supports FSR 2.2. Andrei Shires said that this is the result of hard work with AMD, which was added later, and is very satisfied with it. Andrei Shires also revealed that the development team is currently working with Intel on XeSS technology, which may be added to the game in future updates.