MSI MEG/MPG series power supplies will support PCIe 5.0 connectors

ASUS took the lead in supporting the new PCIe 5.0 external power supply interface on the second-generation ROG Thor series power supply launched at the end of last year and provided the corresponding connection cable so that users can pair it with Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 30 Founders Edition graphics card.

There are two types of PCIe 5.0 external power supply cables: 12Pin and 12+4Pin. 12+4Pin is a full-size cable that can meet the PCI-SIG’s “12VHPWR High Power Connector (H+)” standard, and its rated power can reach 600W. The previously released ROG Thor 1000W Platinum II provides a 12Pin specification, and the official ASUS data shows that the rated power is 450W.

However, ASUS will also launch a new power supply of the Loki series, and its PCIe 5.0 external power supply interface will be changed to 12+4Pin specifications.

MSI is a major board manufacturer in the PC industry, and its power product line is much less famous in comparison. According to Wccftech reports, MSI’s next-generation MEG and MPG series power supplies will also support the PCIe 5.0 power supply standard and provide corresponding interfaces and connecting cables. Leaked information shows that MSI plans to launch two new MEG series power supplies this year, as well as three MPG series power supplies. The MEG series power supplies will have two specifications of 1000W and 1300W, have obtained 80 PLUS platinum certification, and will be based on the new MSI GI engine; The MPG series power supplies will have three specifications of 1000W, 850W, and 750W, and has obtained the 80 PLUS gold certification.

It is understood that this series of new power supplies from MSI will provide 12Pin to dual 8Pin connection cables, as well as complete 12+4Pin connection cables. The 12Pin should cap the power rating at 300W, the 12+4Pin to 600W. Of course, MSI will still provide a standard 8Pin powered connection cable. In addition, neither MEG nor MPG series power supplies provide dual PCIe 5.0 external power supply interfaces.

The launch time and pricing of this series of power supplies from MSI is not yet known, and MSI is expected to announce more details in the second quarter of 2022. Previously, MSI launched its first power supply with a rated power of 1000W, namely the MPG A1000G.