Mozilla is discussing whether to support the vertical tab function in Firefox

Vertical tabs aren’t Microsoft’s first, but Microsoft Edge has been well-received for adding this feature, and other browsers have supported vertical tabs before. From my actual experience, the vertical tab is indeed a very interesting function, and it is really very convenient to use with Microsoft’s fixed tab function. Therefore, there are also Firefox browser users calling on Mozilla to support vertical tabs, and these users initiate feature votes through the Mozilla Crowdicity community.

Firefox Preview extensions

It’s just that this community feedback is relatively slow, so it was only recently that the Product Community Manager at Mozilla, Jon Siddoway noticed the post and responded. Jon Siddoway said:

This idea has emerged as a top idea in the community and has been reviewed by the product team at Mozilla. And we will continue to explore this possibility as we take a closer look at tab management. This means we are going to invest in research before making that final decision, but we invite you to continue the conversation and stay tuned for announcements.

To say that vertical tabs are not impossible for Firefox browsers, and users who are really interested can implement this function through extensions provided by third-party developers. It’s just that third-party extensions will have functional limitations based on security considerations, so the actual effect may not be as good as users think, so we still have to wait for the official. The extensions that can be implemented include Tree Style Tab, Tab Center Reborn, Vertigo Tabs, etc., which can be downloaded from the Firefox addon site.