Microsoft has begun testing whether Microsoft Edge v100 will cause website access errors

In order to prevent problems like the Millennium Bug, the Firefox browser first began to test the Mozilla Firefox v100.0 string, that is, whether any website will have abnormal access when the v100 version of the Firefox browser is released. Then Google Chrome also launched an experimental option to test whether Google Chrome v100.0 will cause problems, and now Microsoft has also added experimental options for testing.

Originally, the change of the browser version number should not have any impact, but Firefox engineers noticed that after the version number increased from two digits to three digits, it may cause problems for some websites identified by reading UA information.
I don’t know if I don’t test it. After a test, I found that some websites will have access errors, so Microsoft has now joined the testing team. Users of Microsoft Edge Dev can now find two test options for v100 at edge://flags. Microsoft hopes that website administrators can test in time, and if problems are found, they will be dealt with in time to avoid subsequent impact on access.

The current known problem is mainly that some websites cannot recognize the three-digit version when reading the UA. If the version cannot be correctly identified, the website may not be able to make a specific interactive response based on the UA information.
According to the rhythm of Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Edge v100.0 is expected to arrive in the first half of 2022, so developers should test it in time.
Via: Neowin