Wed. Aug 12th, 2020

Mozilla Firefox will have Tor mode

1 min read

Mozilla Firefox browser may soon receive a Tor mode add-on that will significantly enhance privacy by connecting to the Tor network. While the ultimate goal of the Mozilla and Tor teams is to implement a full-featured Tor mode on the browser, it takes time, and the two teams discussed the challenges they might encounter at a recent conference.


Team members made a suggestion to enable Tor mode in Firefox by developing a browser plugin because this approach gives the two teams enough time to plan the engineering work required for this new feature. Since Firefox does not install this extension by default, users must manually download it on Mozilla’s website to enable Tor mode.

Although the decision on this add-on has not yet been made, the developers working on the Mozilla and Tor projects have discussed several technical details. Currently, developers think the best way is to have the plugin allow a dedicated Tor mode button to launch a dedicated profile in a new window.

Via: bleepingcomputer