Wed. Jul 15th, 2020

Mozilla Firefox says “no” to the web tracker

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Trackers that are widely used by many websites collect user information for more accurate and targeted advertising, but for consumers, this can affect the online experience, threats to personal privacy and data security. Given the drawbacks of the tracker, Mozilla planned to launch a network-wide attack tracker initiative and said that in the future Firefox browser version would be optimised for the common hazard of the tracker, thereby significantly improving the user’s online experience.

Firefox will disable all legacy add-ons

First, Mozilla will block those trackers that need to be loaded for a long time. According to Ghostery’s research, 55.4% of the average page load time is dedicated to loading trackers from third parties, which may be more common, especially slower connections. Mozilla has now added an option to block slow load trackers on Firefox Nightly. If the test goes well, it will be open to all users starting with Firefox 63.

Second, Mozilla set out to limit the cross-site tracking. Cross-site tracking track different websites that users visit. This feature is currently available in Firefox Nightly and is expected to be open to users in Firefox 65. Ability to block third-party tracker cookies and block storage access.

Finally, Mozilla is also very concerned about the use of mining scripts to maliciously use user resources. Firefox will automatically block harmful scripts in the future, but the company does not currently specify a specific time.