Modern File Explorer will arrive in Windows 10 21H1 version

At the beginning of the year, Panos Panay, Microsoft’s chief product officer, revealed some improvements to the Windows 10 system. Panos also mentioned the new version of File Explorer.

The modern File Explorer has greatly improved its interface and functions, such as redesigning and optimizing existing functions using Microsoft’s fluent design system.

This design style is somewhat similar to the file management of the OneDrive online version, and it is relatively simple and maybe good for some users.

Of course, the modern File Explorer will not directly replace the old version, but for users who like this style. The old version of Explorer is also available.

In view of Panos Panay’s disclosure of the news at the beginning of this year, we originally thought that the new version of Explorer will not arrive this fall, and it should be next spring.

However, there is news that the new version of File Explorer will not be released until next fall when the modern File Explorer will be built into Windows 10 21H2.

This should be a reasonable guess because next spring’s 21H1 is a small update that may not bring too many new features and therefore miss the new version of Explorer.

Some people think that the new version of File Explorer may be released as a stand-alone application, so it can be released through the app store at any time after Microsoft’s development.

Microsoft hasn’t disclosed any related news until now. Perhaps the application priority is not particularly high, so Microsoft will focus on other new features for the time being.

Via: thewincentral