IDC expects global 5G smartphone shipments in the 2020Q4 quarter to grow in the holiday quarter

The well-known market research company IDC recently released a new analysis report. The company’s analysts said that the shipment of 5G smartphones in the 2020 Q4 quarter will continue to grow strongly.

5G smartphones have seen considerable growth in the 2020 Q3 quarter, but this growth will continue in the Q4 quarter due to Western holidays.

Analysts said that the rapid recovery of the supply chain and consumer interest in 5G smartphones will promote shipment growth, and of course the potential impact of the coronavirus epidemic.

At present, more and more people are forced to stop fulfilling their plans and stay at home, which coincides with the Western Christmas holidays, so more consumers are beginning to look for alternative ways of spending.

Consumer electronics products are a way to meet consumer demand, and this demand will allow 5G smartphone shipments to maintain momentum and continue to grow rapidly.

Although worried about weak 5G demand, these smartphones exceeded expectations in the 2020 Q3 quarter, and current suppliers have entered a strong holiday momentum.

This strong momentum may continue until next year, so IDC concluded that despite the impact of the epidemic, consumer demand has not been interrupted.

It’s just that consumers need to change their consumption patterns, such as shifting dining and travel to consumer electronic products, and smartphones are the beneficiaries.

What is interesting is that although analysts said that the current demand for 5G smartphones is very strong, they also said that the current 4G smartphones are still the focus.

Analysts predict that 4G smartphones will still constitute the majority of shipments by 2022 and that shipments of 4G phones will only decline in 2023 and 2024.

The analyst said that as manufacturers reduce costs and make it easier for consumers to use them, 5G smartphones will become more and more popular in the next few years.