Microsoft will improve the Bluetooth audio experience of Windows 10 system

For a long time, Windows 10 only supports Bluetooth audio transmission based on SBC and AptX codec. However, in the next major Windows 10 update to be released later this year, Microsoft will focus on some improvements in audio and will provide support for Advanced Audio Codec (AAC) to improve Bluetooth sound quality and provide Windows users with more Bluetooth headset and speaker support options.

Supporting AAC means that it can provide better audio quality for Apple’s series of Bluetooth headsets and iTunes in Windows system or Apple Music. Apple has previously recruited engineers to build media applications for the next generation of Windows. In addition, some streaming media players through the browser will also benefit.

Microsoft said that it will also change the way to select Bluetooth endpoint in Windows 10, allowing users to easily select the Bluetooth endpoint. Over the years, Windows has provided multiple Bluetooth profiles for headsets and speakers, making some applications think that there are multiple devices, making it cumbersome for users to choose. After this improvement, Windows 10 will use a single audio node, and whether the user is listening to music or answering a phone call, it will automatically switch to the correct Bluetooth configuration.

Judging from a series of recent actions by Microsoft, the improvement to the Windows 10 system is not small. Microsoft said that the next major Windows 10 update, Microsoft will also fix many problems with the Windows 10 system.