Facebook officially joins the Rust Foundation

Facebook announced that it will join the Rust Foundation as the highest-level (Platinum Member) membership, and will be responsible for the Rust open source ecology and the operation and development of the community together with other foundation members.

In addition, Joel Marcey, the head of Facebook’s open-source ecosystem, has also joined the Rust Foundation’s board of directors, he said “We are joining the Rust Foundation to help contribute to, improve and grow this language that has become so valuable to us and developers around the world. We look forward to participating with the other foundation members and the Rust community to make Rust a mainstream language of choice for systems programming and beyond.”

Facebook Rust Foundation

Ashley Williams, the interim executive director of the Rust Foundation, also said that Facebook has always been a strong supporter of Rust, and said that Joel has a wide and diverse experience, from standardization organizations to document frameworks, these business capabilities are closely related to the current development of Rust.

According to reports, in 2021, Facebook is not only strengthening its internal developers’ support for Rust, but has even established a dedicated Rust team, which is mainly responsible for the growth of the company’s internal Rust development, open-source contributions to Rust, and Rust-based projects, and collaborate with the Rust community.

Patrick Walton, Facebook’s Rust team leader, and long-term Rust contributor said that when he first joined Facebook, he discovered that Rust has been widely used within the company. Now the company’s joining the Rust Foundation is a very meaningful decision, marking Facebook’s commitment The Rust language and its ecology will be improved in the next few years