Thu. Jun 4th, 2020

Microsoft updated Cascadia Code to support the Latin-1 character set and box drawing glyphs

1 min read

Earlier, Microsoft announced the introduction of programming ligature fonts for Windows Terminal, designed to give developers a better display experience for programming development. This programming-specific font called Cascadia certainly does not only support Windows Terminal, and any software can install fonts for support. This is due to the fact that Microsoft’s current open source policy allows developers to operate freely, and now developers are helping Microsoft improve Cascadia fonts.

In this update, Microsoft merged the ISO-8859-1 character set provided by font designer Aaron Bell, which allows the font to fully support a variety of Latin-1 characters.

Following Microsoft’s planning of subsequent Cascadia fonts will also add weight axes as well as Greek, Cyrillic, Vietnamese, Hebrew, and Arabic characters.

Interested developers and font designers can go to the Cascadia Open Source Project home page to submit comments, suggestions, feedback or other types of character sets.