Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

Dona Sarkar left Windows Insider team

1 min read

Dona Sarkar, the Windows Insider leadership, has announced on Twitter that she will leave the company and be responsible for other products on the Microsoft development platform. Dona Sarkar said that after leaving the test project, she will take up new positions in the Microsoft Developer Relations team, such as guiding developers to use the Power Platform platform.


Of course, some users will think about whether Dona left the test project is related to the stability of Windows 10. It is hard to say that after all, Donna is responsible for testing. Microsoft wrote:

“Under Dona’s leadership, the Windows Insider program has grown and expanded to hundreds more cities and rural areas around the world. Dona’s passion for helping others learn to code and build businesses is a great match for her new role. I am so appreciative of all she’s done for the program and wish her well in her new adventure.”