JavaWinRT projection would allow Java developers to access UWP APIs

Many people have said that if Microsoft does not port UWP to Android, developers will not be able to burn much enthusiasm. But so far, Microsoft’s work signs are not obvious. Interestingly, someone recently discovered a “JavaWinRT” repository on Github, suggesting that Microsoft may be considering WinRT porting to Java. Android also uses the Java API.

Well-known Microsoft News, WalkingCat (@h0x0d), released a tweet a few days ago, revealed the project called “”.

Although it has been removed. More interestingly, Microsoft has also set up a Core Java Team. However, their focus is on the server-side Azure runtime and Java runtime tool optimization, as well as some “internal customers.”

According to Windows developer Rafael Rivera, the JavaWinRT projection would allow Java developers (presumably on Windows) to access UWP APIs.

Source: mspoweruser