October 24, 2020

Microsoft today introduced a redesigned Skype

2 min read

Microsoft acquired Skype nearly six years ago, and since then, messaging has been going through a crisis. Skype has been gradually transition from the peer service to the cloud, and this is a smooth process, there are many design changes and problems. While Microsoft has managed to add features such as free group video calls and Skype for Web , the software giant has launched a redesigned Skype today to compete with Challenger such as FaceTime, Messenger and WhatsApp.

The new design is called “next-generation Skype”, focusing on messaging. Skype is widely used for video and audio calls, but iMessage, WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat and other messaging services have dominated today’s conversations. The new Skype messaging interface now offers three parts for the conversation: Find, Chat and Capture. Find an add-on that allows users to search for a conversation, or find images, restaurants, and even YouTube or Giphy, to add content to the message. The chat allows the user to add the desired emoticons or images to the basic dialog view, and the most recent part is the capture function.

Capture function in Skype feels like Snapchat, you can immediately start the camera, allowing users to take pictures or hold the button to record the video. When the user presses the button to record the video, you can see a recording line which is a wavy line, representing the recording time. After taking a video or picture, the user can add stickers, text or simply describe it, just like Snapchat. Skype also features a new highlight feature that is very much like the Snapchat story. Highlights allow users to publish friends to view pictures and video streams and add emoticons. It seems that the new Skype user interface allows users to use the new chat function more and more.

Microsoft today launched the first Android version, and then will be introduced after the redesign of iOS, Windows and Mac version.