December 5, 2020

Windows 10 market share continues to grow, XP first fell to below 7%

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According to NetMarketShare statistics show that Windows 7 and 10 in the market share has increased, while XP fell to 7% for the first time. Windows 7 market share this month has increased by nearly 1 percentage point, now accounts for 49.46% of the market. Similarly, Windows 10 market share from 26.28% last month rose to 26.78% this month.

According to NetMarketShare statistics show that Windows XP this month, the market share for the first time less than 7%, now 5.66%, down from last month dropped 1.38 percentage points. Windows XP is Microsoft’s old operating system launched in 2001, Microsoft ended its technical support in 2014, but it still seems to have a large part of the user community.

At the same time, Windows 8.1 market share also fell to 6.74%, in short, Windows still holds 91.64% market share, Apple Mac ranked second, the market share of 6.36%. Mac OS X 10.12 The market share has grown slightly this month and now has a market share of 3.59%. On the other hand, the “other” operating system share fell to 7.77%.