October 24, 2020

Microsoft is developing WP branch system can run Win32 UWP application

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Microsoft, in the mobile phone industry is the failure of the loser, although Windows Phone has been hailed as Android and iOS outside the most competitive platform, but now has a real name in name only. However, Microsoft’s plans seem to be different. Recently, a broke from Thurrott show that Microsoft is considering building a Windows Mobile operating system “separate branch”, once completed in terms of both software and hardware will bring new life.


Broke the news that the Windows Mobile’s separate branch has been in Microsoft’s first-party hardware on the test, the purpose is to ensure that mobile phone hardware and software can be a perfect optimization. But the key is that this branch will bring a completely different “new experience” and a new Windows phone, and many “old” applications will not run on this Windows Mobile branch.

Broke the news that the branch interface with the existing Windows 10 Mobile is very different. In this regard, you may think that Microsoft will give up long-term adherence to the “magnetic paste” style? It is very unlikely that, after all, Microsoft believes that users of its high degree of appreciation, and today Windows 10 desktop operating system is still in use.

So broke the news and added that the branch version will continue a lot of Windows 10 Mobile elements, but will be able to run the desktop side of the UWP application, and the so-called “old” application, that is, Windows Phone 8.1 era of Silverlight-based applications will Will be abandoned. This means that this branch system can run Win32 applications, native support for many desktop programs running on the phone.

Prior to Microsoft CEO Nadera has said that Microsoft “the next generation of mobile phones, may not look like a mobile phone.” Taking into account this point, broke the speculators have a certain degree of reliability.

As for the release date of the Windows Mobile branch system is still unknown. But broke the news that the project is still in the early stages of development, until the product development is completed, it may take about a year’s time. In other words, Microsoft should announce this item at this time next year. Of course, Microsoft is very fickle, especially serious delay, and maybe the project got half to cancel.